Film of U.S. Army destroying Nuremberg swastika violates YouTube's policy on hate speech


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And on that subject, everyone should see this:

If you haven’t already.


You mean the USA fought the Nazis before?


I’ve seen a lot of video of icons of oppression being pulled down, but never have I seen it done with such panache.

Dave: “Bob, we gotta get this swastika off this roof. Let’s cut out the base, get some ropes, and lower it safely to the ground so we can get it done without causing too much collateral damage to this city we’re trying to rehabilitate.”

Bob: “Nope.”




The video was so one-sided and made no effort to present the other viewpoint.



In Trump’s America, hate speech is only hate speech if Steve Bannon says it is.


It’s hate speech if Bannon hates it.


Fifty bucks it was some whiny internet Nazis that can’t deal with the harsh reality that their ideology is a failed one. It’s like that kid who screams wall hax when you’re a better player than him in CoD.


Youtube is notorious for having piss poor policies. Merely reporting on or discussing certain topics is not advertiser friendly, like talking about the recent white nationalist march. Without even showing pictures or footage, or talking about it in a positive way… just reporting it as factual as possible. That’s draconian as hell, so i’m not surprised that Youtube would flag a video of historical significance (that is about removing hateful imagery)


Bob went on to work for the Oregon Department of Transportation.


Have you ever seen Boing Boing story with a headline like, “Youtube Rightly Removes Abusive Video?”


I think it was taken down because it hurt some poor neo-nazis feelings. Then he bravely wiped the tears from his eyes and reported it!


I have! It was followed by a story about Twitter successfully curbing harassment and hate speech.


I’m giggling like a child over this.

“Hate speech” regulations …


Algorithm or not, I think it has a great deal with the fallout over events in Charlottesville.
From what I’ve seen, many of the pro-fascist protesters are being outed and doxxed on social media, and internet supporters are trying to come to their defense by filing complaints against the people calling them out, and filling their post threads with false equivalencies, or pure racist drivel.
I personally don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that many of the villians from Gamergate are behind the retaliation.


Three of the embedded videos are “unavailable”.


Ah well, Youtube isn’t the only site that hosts videos.

Skip to 18:10.


Is that a whale removal joke?


Indeed it is!