Only recording of Hitler's normal voice


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Yes, deep voiced indeed. I’ve imagined him speaking more like Mike Tyson. Maybe he’s vamping it up (that is, down) for the other macho men in the room.


I don’t think so. Plus, it’s German; to me, anyone who speaks it seems to be using their lower register.


I am reminded of Christopher Lee’s portrayal of Saruman in the Lord of the Rings movies. Peter Jackson decided that for his adaptation, Saruman’s greatest power wouldn’t be his magical staff or spies or his ability to control the weather but rather his voice. In public speeches it was an irresistible war cry, in private conversation a powerful and persuasive siren song. A hard man to say “no” to even when one knew he was wrong.


True, it always sounds like guttural grousing to me, no matter who’s speaking it.


I’d read about his normal speaking voice, but never heard it until now. It’s so easy to fall into the caricature with him, to the point where the public addresses that typically escalated from studied stentorian tones into screeching lose their power if one doesn’t understand what he was saying and the concerns of the audience to which he was appealing.


I lived with a Polish guy once. Many jokes were made about WWII.

He said every time he heard German it makes him want to work faster. :0




He’s still an utter asshole.



I had an African-American professor in college who said she loved the sound of German, but when she mentioned this to a Jewish colleague the reply was “It all sounds like ‘get on the train’ to me.”

(And I too thought Hitler’s natural speaking voice would be a lot more whiny.)


I used to love that show. But I found she and J.D. to be two of the most annoying characters on television.


His voice sounds like a fairly normal German man’s to me (which I assume sounds similar to a fairly normal Austrian man’s)


I love the show to death but the later seasons Elliot & JD do become fairly unlikable. Though JD’s relationship with Turk is the greatest thing on television ever.

Reminds me of Friends, Ross is a huge domineering asshole and becomes worse as the show goes on. I have to try really hard to ignore him to enjoy most episodes. Monica and Chandler have their moments where i could do without them but they aren’t too bad.


I can’t remember exactly when, but I quit watching any sort of television that involves commercials.

I remember when German was taught in the high school that both my older brother and I attended. My paternal great-grandfather was German, and there was a German couple that lived across the street from us when we were growing up (the wife was there long enough to see and play with my now-adult son). My brother took it, and did well, but unfortunately they stopped teaching it by the time I got to high school.


I can only think of this movie:

Which is great and worth seeing.


Hoo boy. I laughed, but then I felt bad for doing so.


Which, in turn, reminded me of this:

I always thought it was hilarious that John Cleese portrayed “Mr. Hilter”, because he’s so tall.