Copyfraud: Disney's bogus complaint over toy photo gets a fan kicked off Facebook


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not a surprise. If you get out of line, the Mouse will stomp you down!


But wait. I thought Disney buying Star Wars was going to cause rose petals and bits of Jar-Jar to rain down from heaven. You mean there’s… a downside? To something Disney?

And it can be discussed on BoingBoing? I’ll bet the Haunted Mansion is turning over in its grave.


I don’t get the Disney posts either but it is easy enough to skip them.


i think what he means is that cory is a huge disney fan and also a huge copyfighter so now his head’s gonna asplode.


That contradiction is older than this post.


true true


I’m not going to watch the latest movie until and unless Disney gets its head out of its ass. I was really, really looking forward to it, too. Oh well.


I enjoy the Sun but I generally don’t like staring at it. It’s perfectly acceptable to be a fan of the output and hired talent of a group and still criticize the actions of representatives of that group if they clash with your personal values.


And the photos have now been posted to FB again.


I hope someone would hurry up and leak the film. You wouldn’t think it possible. But there’s still $$ in bootlegs.


No, Disney, that’s cool. Sci-fi and fantasy fans have no shortage of titles vying for their attention and money. They’ll be happy to post pictures of someone else’s toys, and give them the cultural cachet and free promotion that you apparently don’t want.


Meh. I see no contradiction between being a fan of Disney’s properties and not being a fan of how they treat their fans. It’s a 50 billion dollar company employing more people than live in Salt Lake City, big enough for enjoyment and outrage at the same time.


Star wars fans are kind of like Charlie Brown. And the Star Wars machinary (Lucasfilm/Disney, whatever) is kind of like Lucy Brown, holding a football. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times the franchise disappoints, the loyal fandom will still line up to give it another try.

Waiting for this latest frenzy to die down is kind of like having my hometown be in tbe Superbowl: I dont care who wins, I just want it to stop!


Disney is the poster boy for copyright abuse, even leading the charge to buy new and ever stricter laws to protect their cash cows.



Good point. I suppose I have the same mixed feelings toward some companies.


@Doctorow is a child hood fan of things Disney and is pretty clear about it.

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