Disneyside's social media memefest


Just look at that intense and imposing forehead!

Just look at it.

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[“here are my photos from the event.”][1]

Takes me to a blank page that says “We couldn’t find anything matching your search” Cory.
[1]: http://www.flickr.com/photos/doctorow/tags/disneyside/

I am baffled by the continuous plugs for Disney on boingboing. Disney lobbied heavily for the Copyright Term Extension Act, which dramatically extended copyright limits and robbed the public domain of so much great 20th Century creative work. Disney merchandise has been consistently produced in sweatshops with egregiously poor working conditions, even for sweatshops. Working conditions in their parks are also notoriously bad. Their portrayal of gender roles is archaic at best. While bb does occasionally report on the darker side of this media/resort giant, it seems like much more often they’re shilling for Mickey.

What’s up boingboing? Am I missing something?


… It’s easy to want to believe in the Magic Kingdom. Look at Cory, who’s endlessly hammered them in his books, blogs, and yet still comes back to “spreading the Magic gospel”. I don’t think it’s that he’s getting paid off (okay, so being a writer doesn’t pay), it’s just that he wants the dazzle to be real.

Whew - at first I thought you said Disneycide! That’s a lesser-known initiative that asks Disney fans to share photos and videos of murdering the park mascots.

Is that you, Grumpy dwarf?

Cory’s a Haunted Mansion fan.

Oh yay. As if BB wasn’t already inundated enough with Disneyland posts.

So what? Cory is a Disney Fan…he’s written successful books based in the Disney universe.

We get posts from people (mods, and admin, and owners) on BB that mention things they like from Virgin Airlines, Which Juicer to use when you have Cancer, Posts promoting kickstarter things, and posts for Burning Man, I like the Disney posts and you don’t–fine. Don’t read them.


There’s a difference between the animosity for the corporate entity, and the enjoyment of the creative works by the many talented people who work there.


There’s also a difference between private enjoyment and constant free advertising.

Cory’s a Disney fanboy, to a much greater degree than Gruber is with Apple.

So my guess is that the reason that we are all being directed to a blank page has to do with Cory’s privacy settings. When you search the tag “DisneySide” a couple dozen photos come up, but none of them are Cory’s. If you go to his profile (http://www.flickr.com/photos/doctorow/) you can see the photos; they are all tagged “Disneyside”, but if you click on the tag it takes you to the same blank page.

I can how this content could also be used in the parks. Disney used to have a “Magic, Memories and You” projector show that would project images, including photos of guests, on the castle.

With access (and assuming licenses) of photos of guests uploaded to the site via their phones, the photos could be used for that type of show, or in conjunction with the wrist band RFID fastpast system to show images guests uploaded integrated into a pre-show for a queue. Maybe seeing your face mapped on an astronaut on space mt, or in a photo montage like the old “Making Memories” Kodak show at Epcot.

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