Disney "quieting the noise" to appease conservatives, says CEO

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Should have learned from Target. There is no appeasing fascists, only losing progressives too. Even as a marketing campaign.





No one was really cheering for Disney; they were just cheering against Robot Ron.


There’s obviously no context in which that quote reflects well on Iger or the Walt Disney Corporation, but I was still curious to know how he worked it in there. I read the full Reuters article and a few others looking for the full statement from Iger and keep coming up short. The snippet “quiet the noise” or “quieting the noise” is all I’ve been able to find, which Reuters says was part of a brief statement from Iger.


I’ve pretty much stopped watching Marvel movies and Star Wars shows because it’s just exhausting. There’s too much stuff coming out that is either samey, or most usually it’s lazily put together plot and script-wise.


More accurate to say the “far right” than “conservatives”. Not much of a distinction these days, but it does put the eventual outcome of Iger’s appeasement into better focus.


It’s not like I actually thought Disney was being progressive although I always approve of pissing off conservatives. Great to see Disney fighting against DeSantis, but “the enemy of my enemy is my enemies enemy, and not my friend.”

Fuck you, Disney.


While I so want to make the distinction, since I have conservative parents and don’t want to think they’re “far right”. The distinction feels quite meaningless most days. It’s not like the “conservative who are not far right” are doing anything to stop their “far right” partners actions.


That photo of the “Desantis Smile” is a great example of how creepy he seems.


It’s the ACAB principle. If you’re willing to stand by idle while others do evil, then you are also doing evil.


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” - John Stuart Mill


I always took it as a good sign that Disney, a heartless megacorp, basically gave the middle finger to conservatives and treated them as economically irrelevant. So what’s changed? Are bigots now the majority? Is it just a terrible business decision? Is it because Disney World is in the hellstate of Florida where right-wing influence has congealed into its densest possible concentration, enough to actually affect Disney’s bottom line?


It feels like there has been a cultural rebound, a backlash from the corporate show of ‘lets be more inclusive.’ The Wells Fargo mobile app no longer shows a smiling Asian woman on their front page. It now has an impersonal generic mountain scene.


Edmund Burke, but yep.


The wind sock indicated the direction has shifted. Corporations aren’t our friends, even if sometimes they’re useful. Disney, Target, etc. are happy to get positive attention for doing the right things for a while, but they drop that as soon as it’s expedient. (This doesn’t mean I think rainbow capitalism is all bad, but I know not to take it as a sign the company is on anyone’s side except that of the stockholders.)

If the USA started drumming up support for requiring corporate logos to use Times New Roman, Disney, etc would whine about it for a while and vow to fight it, but if the laws were written, they’d fold faster than Barry Allen on laundry day.

(Yes, I know that’s not the actual quote from the Simpsons. Barry is faster than Clark.)


This goes for all corporate “support” of any issues. They’re amoral machines devoted to piling up money and nothing else. If anything ever gets in the way of their accumulation of profit, it will be dropped faster than a red-hot poker.

Also, granting corporations broad cultural power in society is always a mistake, because however much they may appear to be on your side one moment, if the money points the other way, they will use that power against you with nary a thought. And of course,they will never allow themselves to buy into the merest pink hint of any kind of actual socialism, because that’s a real, existing existential threat to their rapacious money-grubbing.


I kind of thought I covered that when I called them a “heartless megacorp”, but okay.

That’s what I’m wondering. What has made this expedient? I took it as a good sign before because it meant that right-wing bigots were enough of a minority that Disney treated them like ants in terms of their economic impact. If that’s reversing, it seems like there must be some increase in their power that’s got Disney treating them as important, and that worries me.


The land that Disney World sits on special district that Disney World lies in used to be controlled by a board of Disney proxies. Now it’s controlled by a board of DeSantis proxies.


Sorry, was meaning to build on your statement, not restate it. I don’t think that can ever be emphasized enough. I don’t think it’s even so much as they now see bigots as having more money, but with the laws (and as @GagHalfrunt notes, the ̶l̶a̶n̶d̶o̶w̶n̶e̶r̶s̶h̶i̶p̶ local government) shifting, I think they’re backing down in the fight because they aren’t going to spend money to this purpose.

They aren’t really going to lose money from progressives (or gain from regressives) if they back down as, sad to say, most people aren’t really that socially aware of where they spend their money. (If they were, they probably wouldn’t be going to Walt Disney World in the first place.) I think it’s not so much who’s spending the most with them, but a cold analysis of how much it’ll cost them to continue the fight.

(Edit to correct local government vs. landownership)