Watch: Tough guy Ron DeSantis says Disney "crossed the line"

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“If we would’ve put in the bill that you are not allowed to have curriculum that discussed the oppression of the Uyghurs in China, Disney would’ve endorsed that in a second.”

So he’s admitting that this law is oppressive.


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Ol’ Mo has poked a big bear. I guess he forgets how much Floriduh depends on the Mouse. Or how many lawyers Disney has on staff.


Added DeSantis, “Why, I oughta…”.


My money’s on the mouse.


Yeah, I had a “whoa” moment here - that really seems like a serious self-own. “If our oppressive, censoring law had a different subject, Disney would have accepted it!” And the subtext is that he’s upset Disney’s financial interests in this case aren’t enough to keep them quiet about this law…


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But of course his base wants certain people to be oppressed… they see it as a feature, not a bug.


Dear Ronny, he who has the gold makes the rules. You are just a governor. Don’t go getting a big head. To late?


There is a saying in the entertainment biz that “you don’t mess with the Mouse.”


“Person Who Claims to Support Free Speech Positively Outraged That Others Are Exercising Free Speech”

I mean, I know that the GQP has no shame at all, and thus calling them hypocrites doesn’t work on them, but honestly, guys—at some point, don’t you think someone will take notice?

  • We think corporations have free speech rights, except when they disagree with us
  • We think people have individual liberty, except when we don’t like what they’re doing with it
  • We support family values, unless that means we’d have to disavow one of our popular politicians
  • We support religious freedom, but only for white evangelical Protestants
  • We cherish life, but once you’re born, you’re on your own
  • We loved our armed forces, but once you come back from the war, you’re on your own
  • We love and support freedom throughout the world, unless you’re a dictator supported by one of our popular politicians
  • We support the working class, except when it comes to tax reductions, unions, workplace safety, labor laws, or non-white workers
  • We demand investigations into government employees using personal communications devices for government work, except when one of our guys does it
  • We uphold the rule of law, except when that would result in one of our politicians losing an election
  • We hate “cancel culture,” except when we do it

Except in this case, it’s not even that - he’s explicitly taking a censoring, anti- free speech position, and is upset Disney are exercising free speech in defense of free speech (which is much more consistent, even though more obviously evil).

  1. As much as Disney and other US companies are willing to turn a blind eye bad actions by other states to be able to participate in that market, I am 99% sure they would speak out about a US law about not “discussing the oppression of the Uyghurs in China”. Nice strawman, though.

  2. Completely unaware of his self own that Disney would be a hypocrite of other forms of oppression… which means their law is a form of oppression.


He may also have forgotten how much money Mickey could donate to his opponents in the primaries as well as the general elections (both for governor and, should he try for a promotion, for President.)

Their annual net income is much greater than what he raises so if they decided to pump a few percent of their income into a Democrat’s campaign (and/or bring their expertise in storytelling to that campaign, spawning a consulting firm to produce commercials for that candidate) that could hurt him badly.


Disney (and CEO Bob Chapek, specifically) was pretty much forced to take this stance due in large part to outraged employees, but at least they’re currently on the right side of the issue. There are a lot of other large Florida employers who still need to speak up though. Universal Studios and its parent company is still silent on this, and as far as I’ve seen other Florida-based hospitality companies like Carnival Cruise Line still haven’t come out against the bill. Time for them to step up.


Well Disney, go fuck yourself. You thought you could get into the good graces with Florida Republicans by backing discriminatory legislation for them. Now they come back and attack you.

The best thing they can do now is fire their current CEO and contribute towards anti-discriminatory efforts in acts of contrition.


The Rev Billy has certainly tried. Not sure he’s seen much success tho.


Maybe so.

I’d love to read headlines tomorrow saying that Disney has decided to completely uproot itself from Florida and rebuild it all in California (or somewhere else), but I know that’s just a simple, reflexive fantasy.


Trust me, there are thousands of California employees currently scheduled to be uprooted and relocated to Florida who would love to read the same thing. Quite a bit of controversy within the company about moving the Imagineering headquarters from its historic campus in Glendale to Florida. My neighbor is one of the unfortunate folks who is being asked to move.


It’s nice when the complete corruption of government by corporations in the US happens to work for the good guys for once. We should be not be cheering that Disney can make good on their threat to bend law to their will, though it’s convenient in this case and I won’t argue with the result this time.

Ironic that DeSantis was part of the decades-long campaign by the GOP and SCOTUS to create the aforementioned corruption and was himself elected by the will of corporations. This is the bed you made, Ron.