Disney to stop auctioning off women


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Disneyland announces a date for removal of sex-slave trafficking scene from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Pirates selling women is not a good example for the kids.

The 21 century is a tuffy for some.


Calling the decision of whether to continue displaying human trafficking as family fun a “catch-22” is an insult to Catch-22, as well as, independently, the word “catch” and the number 22.


We wants the redhead!

(Sorry - couldn’t resist)


“Our team thought long and hard about how to best update this scene. Given the redhead has long been a fan favorite, we wanted to keep her as a pivotal part of the story, so we made her a plundering pirate! We think this keeps to the original vision of the attraction as envisioned by Marc Davis, X Atencio and the other Disney legends who first brought this classic to life.”



However, sports teams buying and selling players is totally okay.


While I do like that image, it does seem strange that folks are worried about bands of murderous thieves also being shown as slave-traders. Are they going to remove references to who Lincoln emancipated next?


also just the single 2

and the hyphen


Well, in this case, it’s not historically accurate to begin with, as it is depicting a fictional world.


Quite honestly, every time I saw the Bride Auction, I wondered how much longer it would last.

While it’s done in a light-hearted silly way, it’s still auctioning women. They took out some of the ickier dialogue over the years (the pirate yelling out “I be willin’ to share, I be!”) but some jokes just don’t age very well.

While I love my nostalgia, I’m completely OK with this change to a spunky buccaneer redheaded pirate woman running a Loot Auction, as long as it keeps the spirit of the rest of the ride – kinda ribald, but cartoony/silly.


Well…it’s a family ride, nothing about it is historically accurate or informative. I don’t think anything is lost in the omission of a scene that depicts auctioning women as sex slaves.

Museums and textbooks can and should continue to include all the dirty details of history.


Maybe stop trying to make Pirates fun? I mean, really, historically, there is nothing fun about pirates. I mean everyone loves piles of silver and gold coins, but pirates usually got that stuff by murdering everyone in their path.


Next up…please take out Small World, because that is torture.

Side note: If it’s still there. I haven’t been since '90.


Go on, dearie, show 'em yer larboard side!


The thing that annoyed me about that change isn’t that they altered the ride but that they made such a half-assed effort while doing so. The “punchline” of the original scene was a fat-shaming joke involving one woman chasing lustily after one of the pirates. So they turned that part around by putting a rolling pin in her hand, implying he was running from a beatin’ instead of a smoochin’. Fair solution to a problematic scene! Except that they didn’t even bother changing her facial expression, so she still looks happy instead of angry.

There’s a working fan theory that this painting (shown earlier in the ride among the skeletal remains of damned Pirates) was actually depicting the same woman at a later point in time after she became a legendary Pirate Queen in her own right, so I like the idea of retooling the auction scene to make her part of the plunderin’.


It’s a sort of weird thing where highwaymen are fun, in spite of, again, the murder and armed robbery. Sailing is fun in spite of, historically, sailing be really, really not fun. So pirates are highwaymen but with boats, making them supposedly a combination of two fun things that are even more fun together, while in reality being two rather awful things that are even worse together.


Under the Black Flag is a great book for demythologizing the so-called golden age of piracy…

And this is a pretty solid documentary on the topic well worth a watch IMO…


Small World has its purpose. It’s air conditioned and cool. It also is easy to get on, so it satisfies the whining kids wanting to go on a ride when all the others are crowded. It’s a trade-off. Whining kids or banal singing animatronics.

That being said, if I never have to visit the Rat who ate Orlando again, it will be too soon.


It is, and it’s a favorite of mine, but then again, I’m a big Mary Blair fan.


Hans: Pirates are fun!
Second Nazi: I didn’t say we weren’t fun, but fun or not pirates are still the baddies.