Instagram celeb weirded out by follower who matched all her shots


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definitely worth a clickthrough on the “unsettling” link - amazing work by the copycat - opinion: if you want to be a “celebrity” you’ve got to have a thicker skin and a sense of humor, turn weird fandom to your advantage


who else thinks this is a hoax?


This is hilarious, and weird.

I mean, right up until the copycat starts questioning how gypsea got outside her body to begin with, and wants her back in, one piece at a time…



The brilliant thing here is how recreating the scenes points out how artificial and staged the originals are.


Someone should have done this, but with ugly people.


I know what you did last summer.


Well to be fair, anyone who can afford to globe trot and post copy cat photos probably isn’t homicidal maniac.



Globe trotting makes them hard to catch. Picture taking? Not so much.


“Harrowing experience” ?? Seriously? Talk about needing a sense of perspective.


The “little people” are only supposed to obsessively follow their online adventures, then emulate them in a way that isn’t an inconvenience.


Maybe this is the second stage of “selfie dad”?


I don’t see how “Diana” making her photos private helps. Now Morris and Bullet don’t know how much she’s copying them. Down to those private bedroom photos that they don’t post.

(damn you autocorrect)


Should have put Carmen Sandiego in there.


Yea it seems odd that the copycat would also have a model-like appearance. I’d say they use the same photographer and maybe they were even staged together… Wouldn’t be surprised if they know each other.


And Waldo.Eating breakfast on Santorini.


The original photographer seems to be using a greater variety of lenses, which the second photographer is failing to match in some cases and is also taking the photos from different positions — further back or closer in — to make up for it.


You’re right, I hadn’t looked at all the linked photos when I wrote that… when I looked at more of them I saw how many actually vary quite a bit from the ‘original.’ The most striking is that the time of day is often pretty different.


OMG Beckey #LikeYouAreTotallyCreepingMeOutRightNow #StopFollowingMe #NoReallyStop

Seriously, you post to the public, the public does what the public wants after that point. If she wants privacy then perhaps she shouldn’t be seeking all the attention in the first place? I see this as harmless fun, if lines were crossed i’d have an issue, but this is simply recreating what is already public to start with.

Also, is it just me or is the copycat doing a better job with the photos?