Account aggregates thematically similar Instagram travel pics


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It’s just not a vacation unless we take the same cliched shots everyone else does.


This feels like very lazy critique.


It’s ok doogly. We know that you, at least, are unique.

Just like everyone else.


Are people claiming to be the Christopher Columbus of the front of a boat, or just that it looks neat?

It looks neat. I’d totally be in the front of a boat on a lake. Haters gonna hate.


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this before… reboing?


I’ve noticed people striking some of these very poses in my travels over the past few years. Back to the camera, arms up, flashing peace signs in front of a natural wonder is one I saw a lot last year with fellow tourists. And then there’s the bare-feet-lounging-on-the-beach one. As this account shows, they pick up a pose from a famous “influencer” and ape it.

I also take a lot of photos when I’m on a trip but they’re usually of buildings, monuments, animals, street scenes, natural vistas, etc. I’m an amateur but I like playing with composition and light and surfaces. I’d say less than 10% of my photos have me in them, less than half of those with me alone, and none of me doing a dramatic pose. I’m sure I’m the least interesting thing in any of my photos.

I know, I know, I’m just an Old who doesn’t need to prove how awesome and authentic my life is to a bunch of strangers who I don’t care about or friends who already know what I’m up to.

What’s always interesting to me is that behind many of these photos is an “Instagram boyfriend,” the generic term for any spouse, friend, or intimate companion who documents the life of an Instagram influencer.

When I travel alone I’m usually able to find another tourist to help me get those rare shots of myself (and vice-vera) under what I tell them is the Photography Code of the Solo Traveller. We trade phones or cameras, get our shots, trade back, and maybe strike up a conversation.

What you describe is the rubbish narcissistic commercial version of that.


What I (an Old) don’t get is how acting like a stock photo irl is supposed to show your uniqueness and authenticity.


Boing boing boing


Boing boing boing?


I like these collections as commentary.
A little.


Yesterday I was reading an article that mentioned POC aren’t usually seen in stock travel images online. :thinking:


I sometimes wonder what it’s like to be a default person.
But then I realize that I’ll never know because I am one.

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Everything is a remix.


Wait, where’s Gritty? :thinking:


Uh… no.


So many instagram sites look the same. That’s why I made this experimental one with odd video reveals and whatnot (some hurt my brain figuring out how to do):

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The combined pic looks like the storyboard for the worst Wes Anderson film ever.


Not a great idea to wear a backpack in a canoe.

I think a lot of our minds work in basically the same way. When we’re having the same experiences, the same photo opportunities present themselves. Just about every astronaut takes pictures of earth from space. Would you call them unoriginal?

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Yep, it’s an epidemic.

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