Photographer botches family portraits in the funniest way possible


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Paging señor @knoxblox, paging señor @knoxblox!


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Apparently her prof also never introduced the concept of “re-shoot”…


this must be what they mean when they talk about the Uncanny Valley.


From the same school and period:


The uncanny uncanny valley. Looks like a Dr. Who episode.


Hi Lesa,

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ETA: And refund their money.


I’m convinced this is a fairly well manufactured effort to go viral. The cartoon faces would take too much effort to create and the faces wouldn’t be so under or overexposed based on the rest of the picture that this effort would be necessary. I am interested in the workflow that gave this result.


I’m an oil painter, not a professional photographer, but even I know a professional would have taken along a white panel, a reflector, anything to create some fill light at the time of the photo shoot.
Apparently, there were a few things the instructor did not teach her.

Also, yikes. If I painted like this, I would not be offering my services to the public yet.


On the positive side, you can easily see the collective family resemblance!


and that her professor never taught her to retouch photos

At least we know who to blame. But he did teach her how to proudly stamp the pictures with her name, so that’s something.


Pssst Lesa,
It’s a little too bad that the dogs can’t be smiling.


Right. I want to see what they look like in another picture. Maybe those are their real faces because of some rare genetic disorder, and they are just complaining to get a rebate.


Family resemblance is striking.


I just finished a small painting for someone in Missouri, and I hear from other family friends that $200-$250 is a lot of money out there.
The least this family desrves is a reshoot, free of charge, once spring arrives. Maybe she can get the warm tones right the second time around.


Wow. Just wow. Also the resume is weird. I literally have more education and professional experience with photography than her and I am just an ex art-student who likes to take pictures on holiday as a hobby after I got a job I could actually do (artist and art educator should never have entered my head, I was way too sober in college- true story). I wouldn’t even offer to take my OWN family’s portrait let alone set up shop. She’s… plucky. But really lady, return the money. The sad thing is she must have spent so… much… time making that horror. Sunk costs, but seriously… reshoot in the morning before the sun is directly over everyone’s head, bring some reflectors (or at least some foil covered windshield reflectors, white foam core sheets, anything)… yikes. I’m just imagining her drawing each and every one of those creepy teeth and never once thinking “fuck it, this is not going well I’m just going to see if we can schedule another shoot.”



Ok. This is NOT a joke.

I call bullshit. I don’t think anyone could do that bad of a job on all of them with out it being on purpose. And I think it actually took technical prowess to do a job like that. Like an amateur futzing around would do that good of a bad job.


The attempt at virality is almost as clumsy as the supposed “not fake” touchups. It’s not 2004 any more, you gotta try harder than this.