Wigglegrams - 3D images that need no glasses


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Too much “wiggle”, not enough “grams”.


What if I prefer 2D images that need no glasses? What if I have bad eyesight and need glasses? What if it’s dark out? And should pull the bus over first?


Squigglevision is better.


SFW? Missed it by that much.


Based on the preview image, I am going to say, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”


Well thanks Mark. I played it at work like you said I could and everybody started shouting “WTF is that music? I’m trying to get some work done!” and my boss started going “I don’t pay you to surf the internet!”

He’s giving me the stink eye now as I type this.


I see tits with erect nipples. NSFW tag please. You trying to get me fired?


This music video, done a few years ago, has a mix of 3 Frames, wigglegrams and an intro/outro done frame by frame in the Phototropadelic app for iOS. Looking at it now, I see that there’s only a couple wigglegrams around 1m8s (& again at 2m38s) and 2m22s. There’s a lot more 3frames inspired loops. https://vimeo.com/24797154


I like the fact you mention ‘barely SFW’ video’ when the frame they chose for the thumbnail was quite literally the only probably NSFW frame i noticed in that entire video :stuck_out_tongue:

The video is rather tame, that thumbnail however…


Back on topic a bit, I do like these kind of 3D animations. As i lack functional stereoscopic vision that’s probably the closest i’ll ever get to 3D from tech :slight_smile:


3D is overrated. You know how hard it is to find really quality 1D images?


You speak of “quality”, but where do you draw the line?


Squigglevision is hit and miss. In Dr. Katz, it’s unbearable and nauseating for me. In Home Movies, they toned it down enough to be watchable.


Wait, Dr. Katz was ACTUALLY squiggly? And here I thought it was always just giving me a migraine.

I keed, I keed. :wink:


I’m no anatomist, but aren’t tits and nipples the same thing?


I’m pretty sure “tits” are the whole shebang, while obviously “nipple” is a subset. This is very important taxonomy! :open_mouth:


I found the perfectly nice MK1 Golf ragtop turning out to have a slushbox deeply upsetting. I am revolted. Revolted!


Wow. It’s just like being there. During an earthquake.


Visidep. Invented by Jones and Childers at University of South Carolina back in the 80’s. Credit where credit is due.


Where I work, the thumbnail alone is the sort of image that has got people fired (thinking of one case in particular, but I know there’s been more than one case since I started working there). Some places of work really freak out about that stuff.

And this is why I only use my personal phone for internet stuff at work. Not an option for everyone, though.