Tick, tick, tick




cool. It’s amazing how easily our brains can be fooled into thinking that a static image moves.


Makes me wish Windows supported animated .gifs as desktop wallpaper. :slight_smile:


This is a post from Bees & Bombs (David Whyte and Brian Fitzpatrick)


It can be done, create a html webpage with the animated gif and set that page as your desktop background. I couldn’t remember quite how it worked but just tried it out myself and it works just great.


I don’t have the glasses to try it, but I think it’s a 3D image. It has red and blue fringing on the dots near the edges of the image.


Yes it can.


Hep me! I’m mezmorized!!!


Ahh. Neat, thanks for that. And all the work’s done for me, thanks to @teapot. :smiley:

Now, as soon as my cow-orker leaves his desk for a few moments…




I have a pair of the glasses and they didn’t really do anything for the image, I didn’t get any 3D effect.


I was about to suggest that it has chromatic aberration digitally added, but some folks tried to blame it on 3D glasses.


I had Billy Joel - Uptown Girl playing on my headphones while checking out the GIF. I was completely transfixed and lost 3 minutes of my life. It seems the two are almost in sync. Completely spellbinding.



It is Hypnotoad Spawn!


That version is easier on my eyes than the OP.



My version only does a fraction of the dot movement to make the file size smaller in order to be able to upload it without massively shrinking the whole thing in size. I think the part of the OP anime that hurts my eyes is the apparent extra diagonal (left?) or horizontal shift? movement. It makes me almost cross my eyes or something. It makes my prefrontal cortex feel like it’s folding on itself.


Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat.