Trick your brain with this spinning dots optical illusion

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here’s the clip for bbs (the embeded movie didn’t load in my browser)


Does this work in person, or only on video? Because it’s not unusual to get this kind of effect as a result of beating interference between the camera’s frame rate and some periodic motion, like the spokes on a spinning wheel.


This will work in person - you can do this with fan moving slow enough so that the blades aren’t a blur to the eye. You can convince yourself that it’s moving the opposite direction for a second or two.


I’m mystified as to “soften my gaze”. Sorry, it just stays hard like a boiled egg. Thousand-yard stares are mine.
But I can make the thing change direction. Just shift your attention from the centre of the wheel to one side or the other. Look at the left side - it spins to the right. Look at the right side - it spins to the left.
I have just been doing the Glasgow University “Perception Census”. They tried to hypnotise me. THAT didn’t work!
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Heh, thanks. I thought it was A. a prank, or B. my brain is so cross-wired I couldn’t see an y dots.

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