Mind-bending animated GIF illusions




The government will soon outlaw these GIFs.


Please put these animated gifs below the fold. It was an issue with the Penrose stairs post, and it is an issue with this one.


animated…hardly an illusion.


Presumably the idea is that the animation creates a 3D illusion.


This makes me wish Windows 8 supported animated gif wallpapers…


“Almost there… almost there…almost there…”


Animation is an illusion.


Oh come on…all vision is an illusion. Do we need to go down this obvious road?


Don’t pave a pedantic road unless you want people to walk all over it. :wink:


Are you kidding? They can’t even outlaw health care for the poor, and they’ve tried fifty times now.


So close to the Hannibal Crit (okay, Enjoyment Crit?) post I’m inclined to say ‘but who would deny human tongue is delicious?’ That flashing-lights-make-me-twerk-and-taste-metals issue, or something to do with Midori loading animgifs or closing down your firewall’s permittivity to Boing, if I may ask…as a punter.


Surely it’s WebGL wallpaper for Win8.2ish or bust? SVG? Tk?


This is sort what I see right before a migraine. sucks.


No, vision is a form of sensory perception (unless you’re talking about the “dream/trance” definition of the word). Animation is illusory by definition.


Yeah, although at least seeing an Aura like that gives you some forewarning.


Yikes, are you going to try those headbands?


I made one once. I was practicing my MEL scripting. It’s nested spherical waves of tone flowing over random shapes. The stripes on the plane line up with the stripes on the torus.



Arguably, life is. But I´d still rather call those animations than illusions.


So when you go to the movies are you thinking “I´m gonna go watch an illusion tonight”?