iPhone app makes 3D Gifs you don't need glasses to enjoy

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Currently, this is one of my favs. Regrettably it is not 3D…

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Yeah, you don’t need glasses. You just need Dramamine.


I’ve always liked 3d gifs. So far, not much luck getting something cool from the app though. Keeps telling me to slide faster.

It also lets monocular people like me see in 3D. It’s a Christmas miracle! They… should’ve sent a poet.

By the way, we deeply despise all of you two-eyeds and your 3D movies. Even my husband is seeing The Force Awakens without me because he wants to see it in 3D.


If it makes you feel any better, I think 3d films suck too.


I found the 3D effect much stronger looking at the gif with one eye. Two-eyed, it just looked like a jiggling image. I can kind of guess why that might be, but it’s interesting.

The aesthetic is off. This doesn´t look like one of those pseudo 3D gifs, but more like any half second video clip.

I watched moonrise kingdom recently and there are some panning shots of the house interior that I realized could be easily made into 3D images. Like two sequential frames of the film as left and right eye images… Someone do that.

These are 3D in the same way that pictures of random people’s small children are cute and amazing. They’re not and quit waving them in my face!

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