Blogging History: Precedents for "Internet makes us dumb"; 3D movies are dumb gimmicks


I’d still agree with the 3d movies one :wink:

Though i must admit i’m one of the fairly sizeable number of people who can’t view 3d images (mine medical reasons, i simply never developed functional stereo vision), so 3d tech is entirely negatives for me.

Pretty sure Doctorow was right on 3d movies, and I doubted it at the time. I used to always go to the 3d showing if available, while now it has to justify the increased price and the second pair of glasses. If we predict it will just be a few frames of gimmicks, then we go to the 2d showing.

Some films are better: Guardians of the Galaxy, Coraline. Most films it makes no difference or it makes the film worse: Batman, Avatar and Alice in Wonderland.

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