BBC cans 3D broadcasts

“The BBC is to suspend 3D programming for an indefinite period due to a ‘lack of public appetite’ for the technology.” [BBC] READ THE REST

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It’s a good day when the public’s apathy powers are a force for good…

I had no idea the BBC had been broadcasting anything in 3D and I have a feeling I’m not alone in that regard, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise they think there’s no “public appetite” for 3D.

To be honest, 3D is nothing more than a gimmick, the same as its always been and I’ve been hearing less and less about it over the last 18 months. No doubt in another 18, very few will be using it.

well do keep in mind that the public actually pays for the BBC.

Shame though that we never got to see a 3d top gear special…

I can´t remember a single time anyone I know had anything good to say about 3D-technology. Opinions usually remain in a spectrum ranging from indifference to searing hate.

Amazing. They have been offering us 3D technology sincethe 1950s, and since the 1950s nobody has wanted it. I thought for sure this time would be different.


3D technology will catch on when you don’t need to wear any glasses and can walk around it at view it at any angle. Then it’ll really catch on when it can be made to feel solid…and you can fuck it.

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Given the choice of going out to see a film in either 3d or 2d, I’ll pick 3d every time.
Sitting in my own home, in private comfortable surroundings, I do not care to wear uncomfortable headgear in order to achieve the same effect.
Playing immersive computer games in 1st person? I’ll strap the Oculus Rift to my pus any time, day or night.
As previously mentioned, when you can just look at the thing and it’s good enough to trick the naked eye into perceiving a non-sickening, quasi-3d image, no-one will think twice about upgrading.

[quote=“Jardine, post:7, topic:2701”]
3D technology will catch on when you don’t need to wear any glasses
[/quote]Possibly. I’m sure stereo sound in home video never would have gone mainstream if it required wearing uncomfortable headphones to enjoy it.

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