Darth Vader viewmaster viewer

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I find your lack of depth perception disturbing!


Whoa. I am a view master fan - (I even make homemade reels) and collect a lot of reels… I don’t think they ever made Star Wars reels, which, in retrospect is odd considering it was the 70s and how much merchandising they did. I know Star Wars wasn’t shot in 3-d but I have reels of shows like happy days and mash and some odd Disney live action films (bed knobs and broomsticks for instance) where they took 3D photos on the set. It’s pretty rad.

Just ordered. I’ll come back here with a review when I get it. Some reels had sort of crappy fake 3D that looked like layered flat images. I hope that isn’t the case with this. Especially since cgi has made more immersive 3D conversion much better. We’ll see!

Could they? I still have mine from the 70s (boring gray plastic, still works fine)

and my older brother’s black Model E from the late 50s

…and they both seem fairly indestructible, unless your kid is more chaotic than mine.


I had a beautiful old one from the late 40s (apparently it was my dad’s) and I borked it when I was a tot. Kids People don’t always appreciate good stuff when they have it in their grubby little hands.


Just got it in the mail! Here’s my official review!

The reels are fully 3D. Not flat layered 3D. This is not surprising because they are all images from revenge of the sith, the 3rd prequel, which I believe was shown in 3D in theatres, so they already had converted images to work with.

The viewer is very bad. I thought maybe my eyesight was failing me (I am getting close to 40) because the images were all blurry. But I have another recently made viewer and they look fine in that one. I have a mid century viewer that is lighted with a focus dial and they look really great in that one. So it’s not the reels, it’s the viewer.

So, if you like revenge of the sith, it may be worth it, but you may need to use another viewer to look at the images. Unless the one I got is just defective.

Here’s a iPhone photo of one of the images (taken through my better lighted viewer.

I am one of eight. If we couldn’t break it, it’s unbreakable.


It’s not like they are hard to replace anyway. This one is kinda crappy. But all the ones I’ve ever used made from the 50s to the 80s were very good. And many of those models are cheap as heck on eBay. Don’t worry about kids. They were made for kids.

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