Deep dive into ViewMaster 3D reels

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I loved these. Just wonderful. A few years ago I saw an exhibit at the Newark Museum of snap shots - very similar (though a lot of these appear to be folks on vacation).

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We recently boxed up our View Master viewer, with about 100 reels from our 60s and 70s childhood, and stored it safely away in the attic for our daughter to find. There’s also a projector to show the reels on a wall.

If you want an even deeper dive into stereoscopy Brian May (not sure how he has time to be a rock legend, a PhD astrophysicist, hedgehog rescuer/advocate, and an expert on stereoscopy) put out a book that included a viewer and some stereoscopy images from his vast collection including a stereograph of Charles Dickens.

He owns the oldest stereograph family photo taken at Stonehenge. He’s also involved with NASA and 3D images from Pluto.

That book is on my Christmas list.


As a kid, I loved the weirdly 3-D, photo-realistic pictures from the Peanuts series


I had a chance to get the projector - but space being at such a premium… still pull out the slides on occasion to give them a look.

I grew up with a ViewMaster and a handful of licensed reels. Transformers, Winnie the Pooh, and some Donald Duck. I never knew people could take their own pictures for it. That would have been mind-blowing to me.

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This must be that “Metaverse” I heard about :goggles:


That’s really cool, but I hope that’s a fully insulated attic. The hot-cold cycles in an uninsulated space will ruin those reels.

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