Viewmaster reels for the old D&D cartoon show



Waaaait a minute what’s going on here? I see Skeletor at 1:05.


Man I loved that show.

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Great idea!!! Cool!
I’d love to see it one step better: First they should rotate in and out of frame rather than simply displacing in a horizontal slide. Then, make it actual 3d (youtube does support side by side stereo images and can convert them to various formats automatically) - of course you’d have to have a scan of both left and right stereo images to do that.

And they never made the final episode!

IM tempted to get the boxed DVD just for the role playing stats etc.

Maybe if I get my kid hooked in on it. I still have to fine and tweak that adventure I made for her.

this is non-canonical! No Presto or Bobby? Hank and Eric with swords?!?!? Be still my enchanted weapon!

looks like the artist/writer were working off of these non-cartoon toys (or the Monster Manual pics on which some were based):

in summation: COOL!


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