Amazing dazzle makeup


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woah…there is a glitch in the matrix.


I wonder what they look like just walking around, so you get a wider angle of view?


I was thinking the same thing… I’v seen some other “makeup” pics like this where a woman is basically painting a picture of Harrison Ford or Sylvester Stallone onto the front of her face, and I can’t imagine it looks like anything at all once her face is turned even a few degrees from head on.


I’ve been watching “Skin Wars” about bodypainting, and the key to doing stuff like this is that it only works for one camera position and subject orientation. It wouldn’t look nearly this good out in the wild. Not to put down what is an amazing achievement.


Still, it should be good enough to fool the facial recognition algos.
Just affect a limp or something for the gait-recognition part, and you’re anonymous.


I used to think I was ready for our imminent post-human future. But the ridiculously talented make-up artists on the web are showing me that I might be less prepared that I thought.


Hey, I’m planning on keeping the beergut. It’ll be useful storage space. Just like Bender…


When you’re onboard the Starship Titanic getting pulled into a blackhole, I’ll refrain from saying I told ya’ so.


But the diamond! It’s too precious. I’m going to use it later to steal the Gran Cigar.


Dead clever stuff. There are so many talented people out there in make-up, cosplay and nail-art land, that I don’t feel I’m letting our species down by not trying at all.


It’s a show about art appreciation isn’t it.


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