Makeup artist transforms himself, perfectly, into various female celebrities


Impressive but he does not have Julia Robert’s horse teeth.

Pretty good. J-Law and the Kaldashian are pretty impressive – Beyonce seems closer to Shakira.

Haha, he had to pencil his eyebrows to do Khaleesi, whose character sports a hideous blond wig and, for some totally unknown reason, Abe Vigoda’s eyebrows.


You’d think that, as a makeup artist, he’d actually care about nailing color balance and tone. But no, there’s a giant asterisk that needs to be added.

Makeup artist transforms himself, perfectly, into various female celebrities *

*under strange and utterly alien lighting conditions


“celebrities”? Do those still exist? For all of that effort, one would be better off transforming themselves into something interesting!

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Female celebrities, huh? Do Chuck Norris – Hahahahahahahaha!

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This is some very uncanny valley stuff…

And on Emilia Clarke, she’s got eyebrows, that’s why. Maybe I’m weird, but I actually like it when eyebrows aren’t some weird penciled in, plucked to oblivion thing…


I’m just really glad none of those images are at all disturbing


What does it say about our society that our female celebrities can be physically emulated to a high degree of accuracy with only wigs and makeup?

You’d need facial prostheses to accurately portray many of our male celebrities’ unique skeletal and skin formations, but it seems a lot of our “successful” women are indistinct, featureless, interchangeable faces plastered over with cosmetics and contorted into a small range of expressions.


I think this is a stab at approaching Kevin Aucoin’s amazing work in Face Forward, which I would say is far more effective. I find this makeup work very obvious and there is some strange photoshop/lighting work as well that is very distracting.

FYI, that is Martha Stewart as Veronica Lake in the upper left photo.


Not bad… But his Taylor Swift? Yikes.

Maybe it’s just the quality of the photography?

Yeah, he has a weird HDR effect going, and he used a either a ringlight or a beauty dish to light it, which gives you that weird “no shadows anywhere” look.

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More like “Makeup artist transforms himself into female celebrities by diving headfirst into the the darkest depths of uncanny valley”

He’d make a good Drew Barrymore, who also has a prominent lower jaw. Props to Drew for not getting her jaw reshaped.

Her name is not Khaleesi. Her name is Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Queen of Meereen,Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Protector of the Realm, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons.


I assumed that by referring to her as Khaleesi he was indicating his allegiance.

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It doesn’t make sense–really without photography and cinematography, the skills of the makeup artist would not be in high demand. A really exacting makeup job needs to hold up when photographed by a professional, under the best lighting conditions, using a medium format camera. Yes, in the age of photoshop, things can be airbrushed and cleaned up, but the makeup artist shouldn’t be adding to the photo editors workload-- the cosmetics need to hold up at some level.

And so, we have this makeup artist saying-- look what I can do, but the photography leaves a lot to the imagination.

Also, a good photographer understands light. You’d think the same understanding would be an important part of a makeup artist’s repertoire.

Tools should be used properly.