Make up artist transforms himself into Kim Davis, Rachel Dolezal

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Personally, I think her 15 minutes is up.


Scariest Halloween costume ever!

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The most terrifying thing is pretending Kim Davis’s pettiness and ignorance makes her worthy of attention.

On its own it is not.
When amplified by The Righteous Wrath of the Internet Hordes, she became a celebrity.
Since then, all bets are off.

The scale of her public, endorsed-by-her-state human rights abuses is worthy of note. The commonality of her private beliefs is not.

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Not all are absolutely perfect, but a few of these are freaking uncanny.


Whoa, is it blackface if he might not be black and makes himself look darker to match Snoop or other people who, um, presumably count as black? Or is he doing blackface if he makes himself look like Rachel Dolezal, who is arguably doing blackface? Or is it only blackface if he identifies as white?

Or she. Or zhe. Not that zhere’s anyzhing wrong with zhat.

Some will admire the art/craft of the makeup

Some will inevitably criticize and philosophize about how Horribly Wrong whatever aspects of this art are.

The important part is the hope that the yapping dogs of the internet philosophy won’t spoil the fun for Those Who Do Fun Stuff so they keep doing fun stuff.

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