Face tracking + projection mapping = very strange





I’m a bit curious to see the results with a male model. We are, I think, conditioned to accept the simplifying effect that full makeup has on a female face, and this may hide certain flaws within the algorithms.


Very cool artsy uses for those kinecty sensors that are becoming commonplace. Interested in finding out what else creative types are going to come up with.

I’m hoping for a better version of that predator-style ‘invisibility suit’ someone came up with a while ago. Or at least some more really freaky visual tricks.

(not quite the same level of ‘real-time projection mapping’, but still worth sharing in case anyone missed it)


I see we have achieved plummeting humans into the uncanny valley


I’m going hunting
I’m the hunter
I’ll bring back the goods
But I don’t know when


DJs will all have to have the new projection mapping mask.


There was a visual gag on one episode of The Drew Carey Show where Mimi, who normally wore more makeup than the offspring of Tammy Faye and the Joker, had a skin reaction that required going without cosmetics for a week. As a stopgap solution she set up a slide projector at her desk to map a fully-made-up photo of herself onto her real face.


has anyone been able to view this vimeo video since the comments. It freezes and go black. nothing her to see. get a new video player.

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