Ant-facial recognition tech at the Hong Kong protests was an art project

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Facial projection mapping isn’t a new thing

(slight strobing warning)

I was looking into similar technology a while back for a project myself. Those little pico projectors are one of the best things to use for a project like that student used.

For her I would suggest mounting the projector on a thin black rod or wire and enclosing it in a matte black case (with vent holes to keep it from overheating) so it can blend into the dark much easier. Maybe painting the case and mounting rod/wire with Stuart Semple’s black 3.0 paint to make it almost invisible in the dark.




Ant-facial recognition?


I think into the brim of a baseball cap would be a bit less obvious. also just projecting lighter and darker shades to change the apparent shape of ones face would seem a bit less likely to be noticed.

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“what are you in here for?”
“oh I’m an artist working on facial projection mapping”
“I made a gizmo that projects other people’s faces on yours”
“cool, uh… why?”
“it’s an art project”
“so why are you in here?”
“I let it access google and it projected a criminal’s face on mine and the cops swooped in and picked me up for a whole string of crimes I didn’t commit, but the face on my face did. We are fighting it in court of course. And my lawyers say we have a good case.”
“oh, so you’ll die of old age in here”





It’s also pretty obvious that the projection onto the faces isn’t coming from the device they’re wearing. So, cool art project idea, but totally fake technology.

Looks positively evil:


What happened to the research into dazzle makeup? I thought that looked promising and far easier to achieve than this.

Auntie! I’d recognize you anywhere!

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