Projector throws stable 1000fps image on a rough or moving surface

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Déjà vu:


Oh. I had such high hopes that we could soon project “I’m lying” onto the forehead of a certain political figure during his rallies and speeches. Maybe that spray tan has the right component in it.


Would you settle for projected clown makeup instead? Because That technology has been around for 2 years now.


Nice potential for dance productions and shows, maybe.

From last year, so it’s obsolete but, might still be interesting

Now how about a podium mounted scanning jet printer that throws precisely aimed droplets of IR ink.

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That video’s over three years old! I hope there’s been further work since then, moving this tech towards reaching the consumer market.
I’m pondering how amazing a LARP could be with such projectors reskinning the players…

I’ve been looking for projection mapping for dummies, but I’m just a dummy, not a rich dummy. Fiddlesticks!

…the lightform thing is $800 without a projector…sobs

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The Kinect sensor and the face scanner in newer iPhones project their own infrared dot pattern, so they don’t need any special treatment of the surface they’re projecting onto (except that this technique would inevitably have problems with certain e.g. reflective surfaces) (but then projecting onto a glossy surface won’t really work anyway).

Projecting a collimated image like that is harder than it sounds though, particularly if you aren’t working with a limited range of shortish distances.

Also, having the grid printed on the target means you can track “UV” movement within the surface – something like a kinect couldn’t do that demo where they stretch the shirt, because its projected grid would just slide around on the surface and it wouldn’t detect the stretching.

I wonder if this device could work with available light, if it didn’t have quite such an absurd framerate? If it tracked at “only” 100fps it’d have 10x the visible light to work with.

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