Projection mapping on a moving surface with a high-speed projector

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I wonder if the ‘other’ kind of mapping is also possible: display a distortion-free image onto a distorted surface (at least from the point of view from a fixed observer).

Also, it would maybe make possible the synchronized ‘projecting from a tree’ that I found so fascinating in Pirate Cinema… :slight_smile:


Let’s just use this tech for what it was intended for.


Not quite what you mean, but – If you can place your head where the projector is the projection is distortion free no matter what it hits.

Not sure how often you could do that…

What I meant was that in the video, the projected image looks like it was ‘printed’ on the surface, and when the surface deforms, the image deforms with it, maintaining the illusion that it was printed on that surface.

Would it be possible to project an image onto a surface and create the illusion of a stable, undistorted image, even if the projection surface deforms? Eliminate the image distortions caused by the deforming surface as they occur?

As you said, that would be trivial when you can look through the lens of the projector, but every other observation point would need major corrections…

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