Bizarre panorama photo glitches


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My God it’s the Baby Centipede!


This one’s a doozy!


That’s so perfectly seamed I suspect a shoop-job, rather than auto-panorama.

Optoskeptically yours,
the OtherMichael


What? Is there something wrong with these photos that I am missing?


I am appalled at Boing Boing! Jumping to the conclusion that these images are the result of pano seaming simply shows your ignorance of and prejudice against those of us who are born looking different!


Ah the fuel of nightmares…


The most disturbing thing about the first image is that they are smoking around and infant.


I still can’t figure out which end the poop comes out?


BoingBoing has a long history of snarking at the differently rendered, have you ever seen their extremely antagonistic reporting on any Orange-Americans running for the Presidency. Disgraceful.


The baby is a bit Push Me Pull You…


I have some to contribute:

I could go on…


truly a woman ahead of her time


I love the short horses! Why cant I have a short horse?

Also. I’ve played that game with the yellow and blue boat. It was a decent game but had pretty primitive textures.


Reminds of John Carpenter’s “The Thing.” Which is pretty weird because I’ve never seen the movie (being at Wimp Factor 10), only stills that I cringe at.


yellow and blue boat

Nah, that’s clearly one of those magic eye things from the 90s.


Not bizarre, but fun… This was a pano that The Google stitched together of progressive shots that I took of our Walk MS team captain finishing last year – turned them into quadruplets. (Go Team Tiki)

Edit: The Google creates clone panarama shots quite often…
Also found several that featured a floating head of death.

As well as some Dali Giraffes

Also an anti-gravity trail sign:


That’s like something out of Silent Hill.


No, no. That’s just Radiskull.


smoking around and infant is a deadly combination!