Giant panorama of Tokyo from the Tokyo Tower

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Very nice, I can see the Kachidoki Bridge! Next I search for the Arakawa Trolley!

Damn! I spotted a hot nekkid chick… but there’s no way to save or share the location.


Author here. Yes, you can share the view, see this screenshot:


Yikes, or these two twins or is this just a fortuitous stitch:,17.2,1

Thanks! That button is totally missing in Chrome. Works fine in Firefox. Now I have to go find her again…

Sorry to hear the button is missing. I see it from here on Chrome, both Mac and PC. if you can tell us details about your setup via I sure would appreciate it. Thank you.

OK. I figured it out. It’s the newest version of Adblock Plus with “Fanboy’s Social Blocking List”
Disable that if you want to record the coordinates of hawt nekkid chicks…

Not hot, not nekkid, and not a chick, but this guy looks like he could use some help.


Glitches in the matrix will occur any time you have fast moving objects. Unless the Japanese re-use license plate numbers in the name of efficiency… Also, before anyone asks, the inverted red triangle stickers on some windows represent easy access for fire-fighting equipment. My faves so far are the train riders and the girl with the missing lower body near the 7-eleven. Actually… the girl can’t be that fast-moving, can she be? So my fast-moving hypothesis must be wrong. Separately, I wonder if gigapixel should adopt a face obfuscation policy like google.


“Argh! These fucking cables!!!”

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Am I the only person who thinks the panning goes in the wrong
direction? Every other mapping site lets you drag the content relative
to the viewport, but this one makes you drag the viewport relative to
the map. 11/16/2010 05:04 AM

I find the same interface/intuition disconnect as this poster did with the London map.

When I turn the panorama to face the Prince Park Tower, and I zoom waaaaaaay in on the horizon, I see something that looks like London’s gherkin on the other side of the bay, except that it would be much, much bigger. Is this a structure, or a stitching anomoly?

Found a couple of ninjas, looking lost in the daylight hours.
One’s crouching, the other is doing pushups. In the middle of the street.

A little too much karaoke and sake last night?

Actually… the girl can’t be that fast-moving, can she be?

Legend has it she fell down a well in the Ginza district, anyone who sees her in the Gigapixel Panorama should be getting a phone call right about now…

Usually, when I fall off a park bench, that wakes me up immediately. The fact that it didn’t phase this guy at all does seem suggest a helluva night. On a possibly unrelated note, sake has a really nasty way of sneaking up on you all ninja-like, allowing you to consume large quantities of it without even realizing it until the whole world is a giant Koi pond. Nobody stole this guy’s shoes though which is something I find oddly heart-warming.

They’re crying for help for their headless friend:

I personally like panning this way. I move the cursor in the direction to where I want to “look”, I’ve found the reverse to feel awkward and counterintuitive.

You’re probably just used to scrolling on your smartphone with your finger, etc. and have gotten used to that, maybe?

This thing is pretty terrifying. I can imagine losing a day or two exploring.

It does, however, seem to crash safari on my iPhone if I accidentally tap on the preview image. Might want to put a still picture on the front page, and put the actual thing below the fold - I wasn’t able to get past it this morning without blowing up my on phone.