Behold! A 400,000 megapixel panorama of Prague!


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[obligatory “zoom… enhance!” joke]

But all that aside, this is frankly really cool. I zoomed in and I was able to just. keep. zooming.


argh! I don’t have time right now to spend an hour pretending to be an international spy sent to Europe to spot the target from my hostel window.


Wonder if I can see my ancestors house from here?


hmm, so you think secret government agencies likely have peta-pixel sensors by now on satellites?

probably terapixel on those planes they fly overhead during events


Do one from top of the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco, California!


Incredible effort. Thanks.


There is definitely something magical about seeing a tiny speck, and then zooming into the point where you can see what brand of sunglasses some guy is wearing and count the buttons on his jacket.

This would be a cool superpower to have all the time.


I found this little guy almost immediately:


It’s got the Peeping Tom seal of approval.


He’s bigger than you.
In the same square (with the monument and bandstand tent) there are some photostitch artefacts. Duplicate and triplicate people and spooky half people.


I love the London one of these. I’ll have to put some time aside to have a good look at this one :slight_smile:


I give up…where is Waldo


Having a liter of Pilsner and a pig knuckle.


E5. It’s always E5.

(Steve Wright)


Petr! Petr! Come to me!

Yes, my lord.

Petr… Petr…

Yes, my lord, ‘tis Petr, I am here.

Petr… I can see your house from here!


He should have inserted a tiny image of Waldo in there.


If you count images assembled from multiple exposures or multiple cameras(which we seem to be for the purposes of this thread at least); I’d assume that the effective number of megapixels that the NRO could be said to have is preposterously high, since you’ve got multiple satellites with at least good to excellent cameras in orbits that cover much of the Earth’s surface(higher resolution still if you count any integration of higher resolution aircraft overflight photos of areas of special interest with the coarser but more comprehensive satellite shots).

Exactly how many megapixels is hard to say; they aren’t terribly forthcoming about current gen satellite capabilities. That said, my understanding is that the major limiting factor is angular resolution limits for a given arpeture size and the atmosphere not being 100% helpful as an optical medium; which means that you can stitch images together to your heart’s content but will face limits on how much fine detail you can resolve(I’ve seen 10cm objects proposed as an estimate of the approximate limit for satellited in current use; but don’t know for sure).


Nah. Must have been the annual meeting of the Kafka Klub.


I’m glad it’s not Bruges.
I fucking hate Bruges.