Using solar panels as a camera


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So, it’s basically a camera with the fewest possible pixels: 1 single pixel. And since it takes about 6 months to produce one image, it possibly is the slowest camera as well. Luckily the camera was very stable :wink:

Still, I like the fact that this guy came up with the idea and executed it. Nice thinking!


Next week on BoingBoing: Facebook/Google/The Government is spying on you using your solar panels.


No that’s a whole bunch of pixels. Hundreds! But I’m still searching for a practical application. Maybe UFOs? They’re pretty good at hiding from cameras, but this one might catch them with their pants down.


@Jorpho, no just spying on your INNOCENT CHILDREN using your INSECURE solar panels. Then they post your FACTORY PASSWORD in the VOYNICH MANUSCRIPT! (Also, Trump.)


I saw a talk from Ward Cunningham (yes, that Ward Cunningham) about 10 years ago where he described doing the same thing with a single photo sensor:


If we combine the imaging of all of the solar arrays around the world, we’ll have the highest resolution wide field telescope at this end of the galaxy! Of course, we’ll need to backfit a focusing mechanism somehow… Maybe light field technology?



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