World's most powerful digital camera gets green light from U.S. Energy Department


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Someone is planning for Interstellar travel.
Someone has a plan.

There’s a reason you spend billions on the Large Hadron Collider, and on a massive camera to photograph galaxies in detail.

I wanna know The Truth. My Conspiracy nut glands are feeling it.


It is because somewhere, in the depths of space, there is a star system that when viewed from a specific angle spells a VERY. Rude. Word.

And we Must Find It.


As long as it isn’t that weird dystopia like in Tau Zero where the Swedes are in charge. That sort of future terrifies me.


So, astronomers are bored teenage boys looking up Rude Words in the Universe?
That’s probably pretty accurate.


(Hitchhikers Guide, Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged, Not a precision quote, but the spirit is there)


You also have to look at a specific wavelength.

I wish these sensor arrays could be bought for few bucks…


…God’s final message to His creation:


Maybe it will also get green light from Alpha Centauri.



So… the camera comes with integrated instagram filters? So cool!


I’m breaking in and taking a selfie.


Try again tomorrow.


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