Bizarre panorama photo stitch




Now, that is a Wonderful Thing.


Nothing to see here…
Just a previously documented alien phenotype:


I’ve done some casual Googling but haven’t yet found this in-situ. What’s the true source that isn’t imgur or reddit?


Look, transporter accident victims have just as much right to enjoy the game as any of us!


I think that it is a screen cap from here:
Coke Zero Fancam at South Carolina
(flash-based panaramic shot of the stadium – the navigation seems counter-intuitive to me)


Google this:
Coke Zero apparently isn’t good at taking panoramas either…

That’ll get ya there.


That just gets me the reddit and imgur I’ve previously seen.

That certainly seems right. Now to sleuth to find the fov…


There’s Wally…


yeah yeah Mr Handhead looks like he’s having a great time, but what about that unfortunate birthmark low right?


Just a little gamecock on her face.


I hate it when I end up with cock on my face in public


Due to interference on the line, some people came out of the receiver looking like nothing on Earth and very little on Venus or Mars

  • Arthur C Clarke, Travel by Wire.


I knew him back when he liked to be called Waldo…



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