Florida Man spots Reptilian Humanoid Alien inside car, takes photos




Reptilian? That’s not what I see…

this is clearly a trap.


Seems legit to me.




{Hisses threateningly}


I drive a Spectra. Can i be a Reptilian Overlord too? Although you’d think we would drive nicer cars.


Florida man, Florida man, Takes some photos of a “lizard man” /
Has an internet fight, the internet wins, Florida man.


Florida, you say?


All I see is the Monster drink logo.


All hail our reptilian overlords. Now plug in the warming rock and turn on the heat lamp, it’s time to get this thing started.


All I see is a symbol for 666.


Even better!


This doesn’t even work as pareidolia. The dude’s messed up.


Obviously preparing for the Mon Calamari invasion of Earth.


Well, the car has a “Monster” logo sticker in the window and everything - talk about giving it away!


LOL I thought that as well


I see a horsey.



I have never read something that started in my head with the Spider-Man cartoon theme and ended with Particle Man. Thank you.


Just some background research here -


I’m tipsy from wine and on heavy pollen allergy meds and I can’t even see anything on this stupid pic. What substance is this guy on? (good stuff, whatever it is)