I Saw This Today


Post only images from life that you have recorded yourself.

I give you: A car I saw recently that decided to exude class by trailing a Confederate flag with a burning black woman on it.

MOAR Photo Graphy (FX aloud)

Also this:


that’s fucked up


Interesting. Are you sure it represents a black woman, specifically? It just looks like the [Mudflap Girl][1] to me, which, since it’s a silhouette, is generally/often shown in black (as are the many, many parodies and take-offs on it). It’s an image associated with truckers, of course. And flames are a pretty standard image for truck and auto decoration. Maybe it just means something like “Southern girls are hot!” ?? I really don’t know.

ETA: To be clear, I’m not defending it, or the Confederate flag. I would like to understand what this particular flag is actually intended to mean.
[1]: https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=mudflap%20girl


what state is this in?


our python sniffing at my son’s door.


Thank you for the nightmare.


Not to detract from the flag, but is it zip tied to a drilled 2x4 bolted to the back bumper (sans bumper cover) of a VW Jetta? Makes my brain hurt.


Haven’t seen any unicorns lately, but here is a dapper dude chaser.


A forklift with spinner rims. Spotted in Layton, UT.


An ad for a Dell PC with a heretofore unknown processor


I haz no pictures (for lo, I am useless), but today I went to a videogame exhibit in town that had a playable Space Wars cabinet and a DEC PDP8 with a punchcard terminal and everything. Also hat my first go on an Oculus Rift. Ooooooh, I want one. Loads of oddball old Japanese consoles & computers from the 80s as well.


Vostro was Dell’s line of small business PCs. They were supposed to come with less crapware when new.

EDIT: holy fuck, how did I miss “QUACKCORE”? Good pick.


Local WalMart Pain Reliever aisle.


here’s a guy passed-out on MARTA. you can’t see it too well, but he’s wearing a Playboy tshirt. Because this guy’s a player, let me tell you.

the guy in the background is what really makes it, IMO


Indiana, AKA the Upland South.

I know who/what mudflap girl is, but I’m a big believer that once you create a work of art, it becomes open to interpretation.

Technically I don’t think it’s a 2X4, and I don’t think it’s a zip-tie.


“It looks like I’m forkliftin’, but really I’m just standing still.”


Makes sense… A condom can potentially eliminate a lifetime of headaches; heartaches; pains-in-the butt; etc.


I’m going to have to make a song with a lot of duck samples and call it quackcore. This photo will be the single’s coverart, if you’d be so obliged XD