Misspelled signs written by people who love English


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My favorite is the printed vinyl sticker.


So many delights!


I suppose spelling ‘schadenfreude’ is right out!


Where is that classic? The dude wearing a flag bandana on his head holding a sign that says: “Get a Brain! Morans” His other sign says “Go USA” Don’t forget the Cardinals shirt, mullet and badass sunglasses. Yaaaaargh!


It’s good to hear that one community is looking after its eagles and also taking a stand against common GOP shenanigans though.


Likely the sign shop employee thought better of attempting to correct the spelling of a raving lunatic. Or he thought the guy was getting what he deserved!

no undocumented          democrats



It’s like while they were writing they had a seizure.

Especially the last one. I’m really tempted to consider that emblematic of the same chaotic thinking that they feel no need to actually force to a resolution.


“The Customer is Always Right”

Ok not really. But when they say that’s what they want and they’re pushing money at you…

Give it to 'em.


All of those signs are perfect 'mercan english.

What are the odds of at least one of them having a “No Regerts” tattoo?


Yeah, exactly: if they were undocumented Republicans, they’d be “first generation Americans”, you see.


Seems Legit.


I love misspelled tattoos…or rather, the fervent post hoc justifications that the owner has once the typo is pointed out.


The LuckDragon mod owns California now?


What word did they mean?



I think someone has been shooping. I can tell by the picsels.


I think you’re right - here’s another version


@timquinn concluded a few months ago that word salad is some people’s native language.


And they get mad when sensible people point out that they’re illiterate hicks.