Posters & Slogans of the Resistance


Doing some marches and demonstrations this weekend and need to make some picket signs. Share/weigh in on your favorite slogans, graphics, etc.

I’m considering

MEN OF QUALITY DON’T FEAR EQUALITY (for a women’s march)

Or maybe something short & sweet like




Probably wanna fix that typo before using it on a sign :wink:

I’m fond of this one…


Well now I just want to protest autocorrect.


Oldie but goldie…

I thought perhaps you were going for a Boolean Uprising. Oooh, that’s the name of my new protest rock band!



I’m fond of the image of red white and blue dots with a greater than sign between it and an orange dot.


Those are all good. I also like one I’ve seen in pictures today, I’M WITH HER with arrows pointing all around.

Also, just because I like it:

ETA: Link to the designer’s site (purported, I have no idea):


Oldie but goodie


At the local protest yesterday, I tried but failed to get a “Big tweets, small hands,” chant going.



I have to say the “tinkle tinkle little czar” one I saw cracked me up. I had a “We are the 51% minority” one a kind someone gave us a Fairey print.


Hadn’t seen that one before! Beautiful message, reminds of that one radical Jew from Nazareth, What’s-His-Name…




Separation of cooch and state!!! OMG!


Ah! It’s Sir Ian! With a Sir Patrick face palm sign!!!


Lots of good ones here. Here’s the one I just made.


I saw something similar with the Obama O inverted and coloured like that.

Nope instead of hope?


Inaccurate. ‘Trump’ isn’t in all caps.

And Comic Sans.


Saw a lot of both of those today at the “march”. I put the word in parentheses, because they had to call off the march part of our rally+march, because instead of 50,000 people we had 250,000 people, which filled every street in every direction around the parade route so there was no place to actually “march”. We did anyway. There’s only so much the police can do when that many people need to move, and we were ENTIRELY peaceful so there were no problems. We just took over the Loop for the day, that’s all!

Some media site (someone else showed me from their phone; I’ll see if I can find it) posted a photo of Chicago’s rally today next to a photo of the Mall for the Inauguration yesterday. Looks almost exactly like the difference between Obama’s inauguration and Trump’s.


That’s pretty cool! (The coverage on the Twitters has been awesome, I’m gonna check broadcast media later to see how they do with it.)