Anti-Nazi poster: Stop the Alt-Right!

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I liked the captain America one that was in a thread here the other day.



California Rebel State is 100% against Alt-Right.

PS. no tRumpus for Christmas.


##Anti-Nazi poster: Stop the Alt-Right Alt Reich!




I started looking at antifascist symbols yesterday. But I think those were sort of boring looking (and pretty historically/context dependent to “get” them). So I started noodling this in Illustrator:

(I’ve a ways to go before I’m satisfied, but it’s a first draft of sorts.)


Great idea.

My critique:

I would zigzag the fracture marks a bit, maybe add some smaller debris. Right now it sort of evokes a figure waking up and taking action, maybe about to throw something (and moving toward the right)


Shirt. Now.


Glad I’m not the only one that always converts Right to Reich each time I read that.


Thanks! Yeah, it needs more. Maybe having it list more to the side?

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I’m glad we are fired up. This needs to work into a functioning ground game with political, social, and economic wings.


Only objection (if it can be called an objection) is that it’s not entirely clear that it’s not a swastika variant at a casual glance. At least, I could see that being an issue because it’s so clean-looking. But I like where its headed and support the general effort.


Hello, Paul Sizer here, designer and artist on the original KICK THEIR AXIS poster.
I made the decision to take this poster off of my personal and DeviantArt sites with the intent of working to make sure that it did not get mis-used by any pro-Nazi or Alt-Right groups. I realize that it exists in the internet on lots of Pinterest boards and has been shared around the world in many blogs and websites.

My decision to take it down at this time was not because of wanting to suppress its message, but to make some decisions on how best to focus its message, as this poster was originally done as an exercise for a Remake/Remodel challenge on the Warren Ellis forums a few years back. Given that, it was done in homage to anti-Nazi posters of the WW2 era, and that was it. My main concern is that it was essentially just a “hand-grenade”, and open to be used in possibly negative ways counter to the poster’s intent (not the case in this instance).

I’ve been thinking about how to address this and having this poster out there. I realized ultimately that I don’t have any real control of how people use it, but my hope is that I will come up with a constructive, productive way to re-design a new work that is actually helpful towards getting the word out, in a way that actually addresses the actual threat and not as a broad message appropriation.

Thanks for letting me relate my thoughts on this. I want my design work to serve the greater good, and me having a hand in it will ensure it is strong and as potent as needed. I also want to foster the environment of respecting other artist’s work, and the protocol that goes with that.


Yes. We need to call this out for what it is - neo-nazism. Words have power and the term alt-right is some high level newspeak bullshit. What’ll it take for people to call it what it is, a room full of neo-nazis throwing up sieg heils?


What’s wrong with the triple arrow? It may not have the same recognition as the swastika, but it has a clear historical meaning.


I kind of wonder how the Alt-Right receives messages like this. It wouldn’t surprise me if they like it even more than people on this side of the fence do. Many of them have enthusiastically embraced the idea of a brewing race war.


Copy pasting on phone is a roundabout thing


Trump seems to be starting to distance himself from them, though he’s having trouble explaining away Bannon.


Thanks. Yeah, it needs work. Not sure what to do yet, but I’ll play with it. (Although I’m really tempted to put in a pen-weilding samurai on the side there.)

Nothing wrong with it, it’s just that it’s not terribly universal. Some symbols are simply products of their time and it may take a great deal of effort to reinvigorate them, but that’s no guarantee of relevance.

Also, it turns out, I really hate looking at swastikas.

Yep. But my take is that this isn’t something we can change short of reminding America how much we don’t like these guys and why; they can then slink back into near-irrelevance.

Warring with Nazis is basically the same as apple pie in the US. Worst of luck dealing with that, alt-righters. And hey, I hope to help make their odds even worse.


Super, but needs more Trumpstikas:

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