How to discourage removal of political lawn signs: coat with glitter and vaseline

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“The Party of Hate”, indeed!

I’d love to burn the Trump sign my asshole neighbor continues to wave, but I wouldn’t, because I’m a fucking human being and I believe in property rights and the first amendment. Apparently these fine, upstanding, morally upstanding citizens don’t understand those two categories.


It’s not about everyone’s rights, it’s about MY rights.


so much this. I cannot tell you how many 45 signs I saw during 2016. And I had family members (who voted for 45) waxing poetic how there were so many 45 signs showing support for him and no Hillary signs…yeah, because we know which group was respecting others right to free political speech and which group wasn’t.


The Nation reports that people who try to steal yard signs for Democratic Congress candidate Jon Ossoff find themselves being covered in a mixture of glitter and vaseline. The sign-takers started to burn the signs instead, so the sign-owners attached American flags to the signs.

Seems like a typical arms race. Please report back when they get to the “surround the signs with land mines” level.


Somebody was/is stealing multicultural inclusion signs in my neighborhood. As a result, there are more replacement signs up than there were before.


What happens when the election’s over and volunteers are the ones removing the signs? That’s going to be lovely. Next time I have a sign up, I’m going to point my motion-activated game camera at it so the miscreants can be identified. That might be a far more effective deterrent in the long run.


are they the blue “hate has no home here” signs? those are what I see all around my town. :slight_smile:


Like this one. There are variations.


Cheap nitrile gloves; sadly, this works on both sides.
eta: And a cheap tarp in your back seat or trunk. One stop wrapup shopping at the dump. Whachoolookinat?


I dunno, sounds like a good way to attract fairies.


Eh, I am not sure lack of Hillary signs was proof that others were tearing them down. Maybe they just had less up, I mean she didn’t ignite supporters like Trump did, causing many people to not even vote, even if they weren’t Trump supporters.

I have seen both types of signs vandalized and removed last election. I agree that one should keep the fuck out of others yards and let them wave what ever banner they want.


Holy crap this! My neighbor switches out his signs constantly: “Muslims suck” popped up when a brown dude rented a first floor across the street from him. Then the “Black Labs Matter” and “Trump Has Balls”. Plus during the campaign some fairly disgusting signs about Hillary’s looks. He also like to have signs made to cover up other people’s signs. One had a “Hillary 2016” that he covered with a “Make Earth Better: Bury a Dem”.

The only benefit is he suffers from obsessive compulsive behavior so his sign lasts for the most of 2 days, then 2 weeks later a new sign, 2 days, etc.


Stealing a sign is punishable by up to 12 months in jail, $1000 fine per sign and a criminal record. Isn’t burning a sign arson and destruction of property?


cool. I see these:


People should attach crosses to their signs.

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[quote]And when their Ossoff signs began being set on fire, they started attaching American flags to them, since conservatives believe flag-burning should be illegal.[/quote]There are some interesting writing prompts here. What if “conservatives” started spreading a rumor that they believe something expensive and inconvenient is illegal to touch, such that their political opponents subsequently feel obliged to subject their signs to an expensive and inconvenient treatment?

Or what if there was a mandate to place teensy tiny American flags inside every piece of ammunition, such that it became impossible to fire a gun without burning an American flag? (Sort of like those pork-laced bullets.)

I don’t see how that would help the arson, that’s practically a tradition in America.


I don’t tend to put up signs for or against political candidates, but if someone defaced or put a sign up in my yard without permission, I’d charge him with vandalizing my property and/or littering. (“And disturbing the peace.”)


Does getting your dog to poop all the way around it count as “land mines”? :wink: