Louisiana townsfolk terror-freak over Hebrew "welcome home" sign


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I bet Sara Palin could work this into a revived bid at the presidency. “Today in the spirit of freedom and the minute men firing off their rifles against tyranny will ask Congress to introduce the Foreign Writing and Sharia Prevention bill into the laws of our country under God fighting off the terrorist sleepers and dhimmi-loving liberalism which threatens our liberty.”


Now poor Yamit is on several lists somewhere.


They can sing Happy Birthday to him the way God intended, in English, saluting the flag.


I seem to remember a number of stories right after 9/11 where passengers freaked out over Orthodox Jews praying, believing them to be Islamic terrorists.

I love the idea of terrorist putting up staging signs in rural areas, like muster stations and rally points.


And the socialism!

Elsewhere in the news in Houston TX 30 adults protested outside an Arabic language immersion school. Way to terrorize 5 year olds… losers. Crap, I just sounded like Donald Trump.

This story reminds me of the ISIS flag in a gay pride parade freakout. Turns out the, ahem, arabic writing, ahem was actually pictures of varied sex toys. That’ll show those bastages! Make a great t-shirt.



We need more such signs, all kinds, in all different languages. Troll the hell and then some out of the scaredy-cats until they are desensitized enough to not cause trouble anymore.

Edit: How to translate “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength” into arabic?


I believe it was a famous (fictional) Louisianan who said “stupid is as stupid does.”

And so whatever money the state might have saved by skimping on public education they end up losing in other ways (in this case wasting law enforcement officer’s time.)


This is the same state that elected an Indian governor. Somehow.


One more time, with feeling:
You can’t fix stupid.


Well, they did kill Jesus…


Clearly a terrorist plot to first desensitize us through hoax alerts, then strike with real Arabic signs.


I bet I can guess which major US political party each and every one of those callers affiliates with.


They wouldn’t understand it in English either.


I think it’s time to put up “Eat at Burger King” billboards in arabic all over the south


Try the McRib! It’s halal!


Doesn’t that add to the joke? :stuck_out_tongue:


Mentioned(ish) on two BB comment threads in one day? This’ll be the high watermark for his campaign.


The lack of vowels clearly confused the locals.


What did they think, they found the Arabic Riddler? Hey let’s blow up a building, but let us leave clues about what we are trying to do.

And really, no one in this town has even seen Hebrew, or Arabic writing before.