Is this the ultimate "I'm not racist, but..."


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I especially like the SECEDE! part … in New Mexico, where “whites” are a minority.

In case anyone wonders, I live in NM and like being in the minority here.


I’m not a fascist but you will do and think exactly as you are told or face reeducation, incarceration and possibly death. It is all for your own good…


I’m not sure what to think of these ads.


My ads were for Iphone cases and Chevrolets. I think you must go to more interesting websites than I do.


My favorite part is how the “non-racist” is squeezed in as an afterthought.


In 2028, the Not Racist, But Independent Kingdom of New Mexico became a proxy in the ongoing war between the Free Republic of Texas and the Independent Commonwealth of California. Tragically, in 2035 the Enchanted Kingdom was rendered largely uninhabitable due to kinetic orbital bombardment by the California Space Navy.
~ Semus Googler’s The Decline and Fall of America, 2591 New Revised Edition


Kinda makes me wonder. I get that dude is anti-abortion and a homophobe and probably enjoys The Dukes of Hazzard a bit too much… but does he actually have nothing at all against anyone with different skin color, to the point where he’d happily grant his blessing to his daughter wanting to marry a black man for example?

Or rather does he just worry that some Mexican or Indian or black fella might vandalize his truck if he didn’t include that “non-racist” disclaimer?

If pressed to guess, I think he might have actually gone to school with enough POC (though unfortunately not enough LGBTQ folk) to actually mean it. Tough to avoid in NM, after all.

Wonder what kind of commentary his truck elicits in the parking lot of his church.


So… is the driver known to be white?

Are they hoping for secession from the USA followed by a union with Mexico?

Why should the other political views espoused lead to an assumption of racism?

Too many gaps here to start leaping to conclusions…


I love to fly that flag! Except on days when I like to tell Democrats they’re the real racists and that it was actually their flag.


Hint: the confederacy didn’t fight a war to end sodomy and abortion.


Why does the guy on the left have a Toad-style mushroom head? Is there some sort of connection being implied between your princess being in another castle and sodomy? I’m not sure I get it.


Who is that second supporter? And since when do papists count as proper Americans?


I don’t even know, dude.


To be fair – unreasonably fair – when people say that flying a confederate flag at a state capitol is “cultural heritage, not racism”, they are full of shit. But this guy is calling for secession, which is actually one of the things it does legitimately stand for (seceding to keep slavery, obviously).


I’d like to single out the “common decency” line.

Is there a word that means “thought racist?” :thinking:


As in, “how do you do, fellow NOT RACISTS, I am also NOT A RACIST”.

But in the mind of a racist, the real racism is allowing non-white people to exist, as this is a direct threat to the white* race.

*White meaning French, German, British, Irish, and Scandinavian. I’m pretty sure I don’t count as white to them even though I’m as pasty as they come.


That’s fair. I mean, it’s a symbol of a very specific secession and carries all of that baggage but at least the guy recognizes that it’s not a symbol of the union. Not nearly as mind boggling as these Tea Party guys who fly the Stars and Bars alongside the Gadsden Flag.


Secede? Have they been hibernating for the last three months?


Anti - Sodomy

I spit my coffee out reading that…