Kyle Baker's long-lost superhero funnies




I TOTALLY forgot about these! Good find.


G-d, I love early Kyle Baker (and… later? Kyle Baker).

Cowboy Wally is one of my all-time faves, the black-and-white is nailed perfectly, the typography, the characters, the coyboy hats (Wolverine in these strips seems to be an early C.W.-manquee).

Thanks for these!


Kyle Baker has such an impressive range that you don’t see often enough. From the super-goofy “Do These Toys Belong Somewhere?” to the downright dramatic “Nat Turner”. It took me a couple of weeks to make the connection between the two, even though they were sitting right next to each other at the library.


I recall reading about Liefeld’s attempt to do the same – namely, in 40 More of the Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings. I didn’t know this is what he was going for.


Can we stop abusing the word lost. Unless every single issue of Marvel Age somehow disappeared off the planet these are not, nor have they ever been lost.


These are great! I hadn’t seen them before.

My favorite thing is that, IIRC, Chris Claremont did the same “Wolverine at the airport” gag in the actual X-Men comic around this time. Wolvie eventually wound up sticking his arm in the baggage X-ray to prove that the metal was inside him.

After which they let him on the airplane. A different world…





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