Kyle Baker's long-lost superhero funnies



I TOTALLY forgot about these! Good find.

G-d, I love early Kyle Baker (and… later? Kyle Baker).

Cowboy Wally is one of my all-time faves, the black-and-white is nailed perfectly, the typography, the characters, the coyboy hats (Wolverine in these strips seems to be an early C.W.-manquee).

Thanks for these!

Kyle Baker has such an impressive range that you don’t see often enough. From the super-goofy “Do These Toys Belong Somewhere?” to the downright dramatic “Nat Turner”. It took me a couple of weeks to make the connection between the two, even though they were sitting right next to each other at the library.

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I recall reading about Liefeld’s attempt to do the same – namely, in 40 More of the Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings. I didn’t know this is what he was going for.

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Can we stop abusing the word lost. Unless every single issue of Marvel Age somehow disappeared off the planet these are not, nor have they ever been lost.

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These are great! I hadn’t seen them before.

My favorite thing is that, IIRC, Chris Claremont did the same “Wolverine at the airport” gag in the actual X-Men comic around this time. Wolvie eventually wound up sticking his arm in the baggage X-ray to prove that the metal was inside him.

After which they let him on the airplane. A different world…



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