The Best of Wonder Wart-Hog


Then I’ll use my snout!

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Unfortunately, the roof was made of the only substance impervious to Wonder Warthog’s strength: plywood (Brick and re-enfoced concrete have similar effects).

While googling Wonder Warthog H-Bomb Funnies, I found this.

I suppose he did go mainstream, after all.

Wonder Warthog is the only superhero I can really relate to. Finding all of Shelton’s host of characters made for lots of great reading in an era so vastly different than the present. Even though we thought we were enlightened we really were innocents in comparison. The Freak Brothers and Fat Freddie’s Cat are still fun to reread. The artists that came from those times were amazing. S Clay Wilson, Robert Crumb, Greg Irons and many more warped what little chance I ever had of being normal…I am deeply indebted for the work they did. The Checkered Demon, Mr. Natural and Wonder Warthog shaped my then young mind in ways that remain incurable.

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WWH was Gilbert Shelton’s Id in a way that none of his other characters could be.

Awww, man, there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time…

No, this is from a website of match ups that should have happened but never did.

maybe someone can tell me: is there ANY underground comics out now that approach this kind of fucked up, inspired zaniness? I’ve all but given up on underground comics since about the mid-90s or so (after the Crumbs moved to France, the scene seemed to have transformed into harmless diary stories by well-meaning, nice kids. the edge was gone.)

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