Original art from the greatest private comic collection on earth


Reminds me of when I would go to the comic book store with my college roommates and the store owner would jokingly call me a weirdo because I only bought the “interesting” ones.


El Chango art? Very cool…

Like Weirdo? :smiley:

I grew up watching the old live-action Superman and Batman series on TV - and later on the animated Marvel and DC cartoons, but I watched westerns and war programs and science fiction and mysteries and comedies and especially horror stuff - whenever I could get away with it, and to me superheroes were just a tiny part of comics as a whole, just like they were a tiny part of TV programming.

Then in the '70s it seemed like superheroes were the focus and all of the other stuff that I liked was the fringe, though sword and sorcery did take off in a big way back then. I was fine with being in fringes as long as I could still find the stuff I liked somewhere.

Yeah… I didn’t really have much to add, you just gave me a glimpse down memory lane there for a second. :smiley:

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