Comic Book Fever — a love letter to 70s and 80s comics

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I’m a big fan of just about everything TwoMorrows publishes, but this one was a SUPER TREAT in particular (I’m 45, right in the crosshairs of the book’s subject matter). Khoury was incredibly thorough about the many comics and comix offshoots of the era.

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No… I remember Howard The Duck, Silver Surfer, Galacticus, The Fantastic Four, Dr Strange, Iron Man and also Thor’s strange fetish for peach pie

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  1. OMG - what is s that kid doing to that comic! Sttaaahhhppp!!!

  2. Where is that super hero’s tights?

  3. That kid’s shirt looks like the same color’s as Lando’s from Empire Strikes Back.

  4. I had a big stack as a kid, lost it, got a few more, then started collecting probably in 1987 or so. Starting with DC’s TSR licensed comics, and going from there.

There’s also a 33-page preview at (click the thumbnail)

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