Gweek 118: The Weirdo Years


I’m not much on podcasts, but I think I’ll have to listen to this one. Weirdo had a huge impact on my comics reading tastes; even though I’d already started nibbling around the edges of non-superhero stuff, starting with Fantagraphics works such as Love and Rockets and some of Peter Bagge and Dan Clowes’ earlier work, Weirdo had the benefit of being an anthology which included not only better known artists such as Bagge and Crumb, but others that hadn’t been (and probably wouldn’t be) published anywhere else. Even Crumb’s work seemed best in this title; his Mode O’Day stories were probably the most merciless critique of the 80s that I’ve read, and hold up better than, say, just about anything that Bret Easton Ellis has ever written.

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