Comics Rack: picks for September 2013 - Crumb, Bagge, & more


Regarding Runner Runner, it seems odd to do a free giveaway comic and not make it available online.

Can I also recommend the trade paperback of Young Avengers: Style > Substance, by Kieron Gillan and Jamie McKelvie, the the amazing team behind Phonogram.
It’s pretty much the first straightforward superhero book I’ve bought in ages, mainly because it’s not just a straightforward superhero book, it’s, well, go read a bit and find out.

The Weirdo Years is published in the US by Last Gasp.

Can I just get a confirmation that “The Weirdo Years” is just the same shit you’ll find in the Complete Crumb series? Or is there anything in here that isn’t covered by “Complete Crumb” ?

And a corollary: can we stop with the re-re-reprinting of old Crumb shit? How many different ways can you repackage the guy’s stuff? He’s not even dead yet!

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