Weirdest comic book superheroes of all time


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I do indeed remember Nature Boy comic books.




No kidding. I wonder if Ben Edlund meant Arthur as an homage.


I could see that.


Most of these aren’t much weirder than the brand-name heroes.

i mean, isn’t Zippo just another Flash? Isn’t Mothman a lot like Hawkman? What about Catman and Batman?

The only reason one sounds weird and the other not is that we’re familiar with some names but not others, IMO.


Did Rainbow Bow grow up to become Captain Sunshine?


By day Glenn or Glenda.

This one does really sound like a lot of fun.


Well, this certainly must be the pinnacle of swashbuckling derring-do for the time…


He seems to have been the first airbender.


The concepts might not have caught on, but I like a lot of the artwork.


Sure, the Zippo is like The Flash–except he zips around on ROLLER SKATES! Mothman is a lot like Hawkman? Hawks are fierce, majestic, killer hunters. Moths flit around lightbulbs and eat holes in sweaters. Batman vs. Catman. Bats are scary. Do you see a guy dressed as an orange kitty with bare legs striking fear into the hearts of men?


Between you and me…I’d rather meet up with the Bat.


They don’t have Herbie, the Fat Fury?


Bigby had more success when he later switched from comic books to D&D.


Moths don’t eat sweaters: most of them don’t eat anything at all, but only drink to replenish fluids. It’s their larvae that eat holes in your woollens. So Mothman is probably a heavy drinker.


I swear I read Mature Boy_


Meanwhile in Brazil


Can I get his number?

Asking for a friend.


I trust Brother Power The Geek is included.