The League of Regrettable Superheroes: Half-Baked Heroes from Comic Book History

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I don’t know nearly as much about comic book history as a lot of people here, but I did stumble across Supersnipe ( “the boy with the most comic books in the world”) from the 1940’s back when I was in high school in early 1970’s and never forgot him as a memorable alternative superhero.


I have this book. It is awesome


Project: Rooftop ran a series of redesigns of old heroes like the one featured in this book, it’s worth a look.

Don’t ask.


All of Superduper from The Boys.

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This was a great series on Cracked:


So, do we finally get to find out if Particle Man, Triangle Man, Universe Man and Person Man are historically accurate?


At first, I was very upset at this post, since I’ve been a fan of Gone and Forgotten for years! I thought someone had stolen and profited from his gig. Then I see it’s the same guy… Excellent!

There’s actually a sequel to this book, called The League of Regrettable Super-Villains. I got both of these through LootCrate, a monthly subscription service. In recent months they’ve had an exclusive hardcover edition of Preacher, Mad Max Fury Road art book, and even an Animal Man trade paperback. Every so often they’ll also throw in a variant cover too. If anyone’s interested, here’s 5 bucks off:

This book looks neat.
A “golden age” is really a retrospective illusion, when everybody remember only the good stuff and forget all the “regrettable”.

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I loved that series. I was so pissed when it was abruptly cancelled.

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