Batgirl and Wonder Woman [Comic-Con]


Please tell me the “boys make the best heroes” tee shirt is ironic. If it isn’t then I guess it’s because whoever designed it thinks only women should do ironing.

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Kate Beaton’s Wonder Woman is the best Wonder Woman.


Wait, I thought Winged Victory was the best Wonder Woman…

Plot twist: It’s boys making hero sandwiches, turning tired cliches on their ear!

Full disclosure: this may not be the case, I just made it up.\

I just got the best idea for an iron man t shirt.

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I would buy that Iron Man t-shirt.

I would also buy that shirt. Please please please.

Also - I am really loving all these shots from comicon. Great work.

You’re in luck: It’s available on

No, not that one. The other one.

On the shirt was Robin (aka the boy wonder)

Heroes are heroes, period.

P.S. Rob, you realize you could rob us all if you bought some wicked t-shirts to sell/give to those of us BBS unable to attend…hero engage

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